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In 1995 we decided to push the business into a new dimension with changing how people perceive men’s accessories.  Our aim was to bring to the market modern styles and designs in mainly cufflinks and braces. Our inspiration was drawn from how the world was changing at the time and what demands, especially men   were seeking in their overall appearance. Men’s grooming over the last 20 years has vastly increased with more and more products on the market. Men now look for that finishing touch when completing a look and that’s where products such a s Cufflinks, Brace, Ties etc come into play. The   introduction of Novelty cufflinks and more recently digital printed   men’s braces has proved a huge success and this in turn has provided very good sales for our customers even in the challenging times we faced in recent years. We continue to innovate and are finding now more and more customers are asking for bespoke work which we can provide in all classes of products. Base metal / Sterling silver and Braces etc

With over 70 years experience in the trade between us we have a vast knowledge of design, service, contacts and  production and still continue to support our network of existing customers globally and new customers too.

We  hope you like the new 2022-23 catalogue and website. Always contact us if there is something specific you require as we have many sources worldwide and will always strive to supply.

Paul Towler

Gavin Richards