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Trouser Braces. Why you should own a pair

trouser braces

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Ok. So What Are They?


Braces live underneath your jacket as such you have a lot of leeway in terms of colour and pattern. You can theoretically let your suspenders do their own thing and serve the purpose or you could be bold and show them as a fancy piece of apparel .

Low-rise trousers simply don’t look right with braces. Opt for trousers that sit at your natural waist, not your hips. This is a physical comfort issue as well.

All braces, even custom ones, have buckles so that length can be adjusted. It used to be that braces were sold in set sizes like belts were (32, 34, 36, etc.), which was very helpful in terms of keeping the buckles where they should rest, which is pretty much right in the centre of the torso.

Nowadays, braces are all sold in one set size (multifit 42-44”), which is quite long so as to accommodate tall men. With that said, men under 5’10” can also adjust the levers to make them fit perfectly.

Trouser Suspenders Can Be Stylish and Practical  

Trouser suspenders have the potential to add a lot of style to your presentation. This is not just because they look good on their own as a standalone item, but also because the increased comfort and mobility will allow you to carry yourself in a more comfortable way physically. Feeling comfortable in what you wear is perhaps the most underrated aspect of style. Choosing clip end braces , leather end braces, braid end braces or dual end braces (clips and leather ends) everyone can find the perfect pair to suit his style.

The Golden Rule You Must Obey


Never wear braces with a belt..

For everyday use then the bread and butter of braces is simple 35mm Multifit clip on, for more of an evening out item then this is where the market gets hot. The simple version is a 35mm elasticated leather end brace which button on to the buttons you would have had sewn into your trousers when you had bought a pair . then we move into the luxury market where braces become a real stand out item. Luxury rigid 38-40mm width braces in fabrics such as Moire or Boxcloth are king of braces and although expensive are simply beautiful. A wide variety of colours and finished and you are standing out from the crowd.

If you have any questions on any form of Men’s braces then please drop us a line and we will be happy to help

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